Your Frequently Asked Finance Questions.

You may have several finance questions now that you have started your research.  If you do not find the answer here please get in contact with us.  Our friendly experienced staff will be able to answer all your finance questions.  Call today or enquire online.

Q. How do I apply for finance?

A.  It’s easy! Get in touch by either calling (07) 5437 6988 or complete the 'Enquire Now' form.   Applying for finance over the phone usually takes 5- 6 minutes. At the end of the call we request any supporting documentation required, such as, drivers' licence and pay slips.  We email you our privacy form for signing and the list of documents we require.  Once we have the signed privacy form and supporting documents, we can then do our job.

Q. What happens after I apply for finance?

A.  Our job is to get you the most competitive finance approval possible to suit your individual circumstances. We will get you the best deal from our large range of lenders – it's what we do!

Q. What happens after my finance is approved?

A.  When we have a finance approval in place, we contact you to discuss the details including any conditions of the approval. For example, comprehensive insurance over the camper trailer. Once we have your go ahead, we produce the finance documents and email them to you for signing.  On receiving the signed loan documents and any other supporting documents e.g. insurance we settle the loan and arrange payment for your camper.  You are then able to hitch up and tow away your new purchase!

Q.  Can Austrack Finance get me the best deal?

A.  Yes. We have over 30 different lenders. We select the lenders that are best suited to your individual circumstances. This ensures that you get the most competitive interest rate available for you.

Q.  How long does it take to get my finance approved?

A. Most loans are approved within 1 to 2 business days.

Q.  Can I get Pre-approved finance before I choose a camper trailer?

A.  Yes. Pre-approved loans are a great way to ensure that the camper you have your eye on will fit the budget. Knowing your finances are sorted lets you shop with confidence. It may also help you negotiate a better deal!

Q.  What finance terms are available?

A.  Our loans range from 1 to 7 years. As the finance term increases, the amount of each repayment decreases. Use our finance calculator to see how changing the loan term affects the repayment amount.

Q.  Can I get finance if I want to buy a second-hand camper trailer?

A.  Yes. We arrange finance for new and used camper trailers. You can purchase privately or from a dealer.

Q.  Can I get finance if I want to buy a camper trailer privately?

A.  Yes. We arrange finance for new and used camper trailers purchased privately or from a dealer.

Q.  What documents do I need to get finance?

A.  You will need to provide proof of who you are and where you live. Documents include driver’s license and a rates notice or rental agreement. We will also need to confirm income. Pay slips, bank statements and tax returns are possible documents that we may request.

Q.  I am self-employed. Can I still get finance?

A.  Yes. We are very experienced in arranging both Low Doc Finance and Full Doc Finance for those who are self-employed and have an ABN.

Q.  Can I still get finance if I have a bad credit rating?

A.  Yes. We have specialist lenders that can help you get finance which can also help to improve your credit rating.

Q. Are my details and privacy protected?

A.  Yes. Our privacy policy ensures that we will use your information ONLY to get your loan approved.

Q.  What is a balloon payment?

A.  A balloon payment is a lump sum payment usually paid at the end of the finance term. Not all the principle of the loan is paid off during its life. This results in a balloon payment at the end of the loan. A balloon reduces the repayment figure throughout the finance term. The balloon amount is either refinanced or paid off in full.

Q.  Are there any finance application costs?

A.  There are no costs to apply for finance through Austrack Finance. Once your finance is approved there is a one-off brokerage fee to cover our costs. This cost is incorporated into your loan repayments. There is also a lenders application fee which is also incorporated into your finance repayments.

Q.  What are my chances of getting finance?

A.  Lenders take several factors into consideration when determining if they will lend you money. Lenders look at your credit history, work history and income, deposit amount and any assets and liabilities.

Q.  Where is Austrack Finance located?

A.  We are located at 11/9 Capital Place, Birtinya Qld 4575 on the Sunshine Coast.  Austrack Campers have showrooms in Brisbane, Caboolture, Townsville, Sydney, Armidale and Melbourne.  We look after customers from all over Australia.

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