Consumer Camper Trailer Finance

Camper Trailers and Caravans are increasing in popularity. We want to explore our great nation, and we want to do it with all the creature comforts, including the kitchen sink! Alongside this growing popularity is an increased demand for Consumer Camper Trailer Finance.

Types of Consumer Camper Trailer Finance?

There are 2 types of consumer camper trailer finance

  1. Secured Camper Trailer Finance
  2. Personal Camper Trailer Finance

Secured Camper Trailer Finance uses the camper are security for the loan. This is the most common way to purchase a new or relatively new camper trailer. By using the camper trailer as security, the lender can offer lower interest rates, saving you money.

A personal camper trailer loan is mainly used for purchasing older campers and caravans. The interest rate is higher than that of a consumer camper trailer loan.

The Benefits of Consumer Camper Trailer Finance

This type of finance is popular as it allows people to get on the road quickly. The consumer, you, can choose options to ensure that the loan suits your individual circumstances and fits within your budget.

  • Can borrow 100% of the purchase price plus any accessories and insurance. This means that you can purchase without a deposit.
  • Finance terms between 1 and 7 years.
  • Competitive fixed interest rates.
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayment schedule via direct debit.
  • Balloon payment format available.
  • Ability to make extra repayments.
  • Option to pay out the loan early.
  • Quick finance approvals – most loans approved within 24 hours.

Variety: A Driving Force

Consumer camper trailer finance can apply to more than just its namesake. This type of finance covers all types of recreational vehicles – you could purchase a horse float, 5-wheel vehicle or even a larger motor home.

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Caravan Finance Calculator

Making sure that your dream camper fits within the budget is important. Our camper trailer finance calculator lets you gauge what your repayments may be based on 3 inputs. You will need to know 1. the amount of finance you require 2. the finance term and 3. an interest rate. The interest rate is dependent on your personal profile and credit history.

Camper Trailer Buying Tips

Taking time out to explore our amazing country is extremely exciting but choosing the right set up can be a little over whelming. Many have gone before you and have some hot tips to pass on. Check out this link –


* Your actual interest rate will be based on a number of factors, including the type and age of the asset you are seeking to purchase; the information you provide during your application and the term of the loan. This rate may be different from our lowest advertised rates. The Comparison Rate is calculated on a Secured Loan of $50,000 fixed for a term of 5 years, effective 9/11/2022 and subject to change. The Comparison Rate is true only for the examples given and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or other loan amounts may result in a different comparison rate.

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