Secured Camper Trailer Finance

What is Secured Camper Trailer finance?

Secured camper trailer finance is the most common way to purchase a new or used recreational vehicle for private use. A 'secured' loan uses the asset (your new camper trailer) as 'security' against the loan.  Secured loans are less risky for the lender resulting in a lower interest rate.  The interest rate is fixed for the term of the loan and the repayment schedule can be set as weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Budgeting is a breeze as you can know exactly when and how much each repayment will be.  It is a simple, straightforward method of camper trailer finance that has proved incredibly popular with our customers. The benefits don’t end there.

Benefits of Secured Camper Trailer Finance

There are many advantages to taking out a secured camper trailer loan.

Lower interest rates – A secured camper trailer loan is less risky for the lender.  Therefore, lenders offer reduced interest rates on this type of loan.  This results in saving you a significant amount of money over the life of the loan.

Fixed interest rates – The interest rates and repayments are fixed for the entire duration of the loan.  This makes it easy to plan your budget without having to worry about changing interest rates.  A regular repayment schedule is set up at the beginning of the loan with either weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Make extra repayments any time – Come across some extra money? Get a pay rise? Extra repayments can be made at any time.  These extra repayments will reduce the life of the loan, saving your money on interest.

Cover – Up to 100% of the buy price, including any accessories that you may add to the camper, can be financed.  This means you may not require a deposit and can keep any savings on hand.

Ownership – Once the finance has settled and monies paid the camper is yours.  You can do tweaks and adjustments to your hearts content.  It will stay yours for as long as you can make the repayments. Also, because you own the camper, you can sell it at any time – even if you have not finished paying for it yet. The sale proceeds are used to clear the debt.

Potential Disadvantages

There are two potential disadvantages that you should be aware of before taking out secured camper trailer finance:

Impulse buy – As a secured car loan can help finance the entirety of your purchase, the borrower won’t feel the pinch of the buy immediately. Without having to put down a deposit, it’s easy for someone to make an impulse decision without taking into account other variables. If something unexpected happens to the borrower like a loss of job or a rise in expenses, the repayments could be tricky to manage.

Losing your camper – If you cannot make your loan repayments, then the camper will be sold to pay off the debt.  If the sale price isn’t enough to cover the debt, then the borrower (you) has to pay the difference.  There is a solution - Loan Protection Insurance.  This type of insurance protects you from this possible scenario.  Talk to one of our team to learn how to avoid the unexpected!

Camper Trailer Finance Calculator

You know you want to get a new camper, but you are not sure if you can afford it!  Use our Camper Trailer Finance Calculator to estimate what your repayments may be.  The calculator is a great tool to examine your options and set a budget.  Just enter the loan amount, interest rate and how many years you want the loan for.

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Are you ready to apply? Or do you have more questions and want to talk with one of our friendly finance experts?  Call today on 07 5437 6988 or leave your details via our one of our online forms. We are ready to help you.  Want to have your finances organised before your start shopping?  We can organise Pre-approved Finance.  This allows you to shop with confidence knowing your funds are pre-approved.


Once you have chosen your camper you will want to make sure its protected.  Austrack finance provides a wide range of insurance products.  Insurance options include comprehensive camper insurance, tyre and rim insurance, loan protection insurance, as well as extended warranties and loan protection insurance.

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