Numinbah Valley & Natural Bridge

Located in Queensland’s Numinbah Valley, inland from Coolangatta, and nestled between the Springbrook and Lamington National Parks, you will find the amazing Natural Bridge rainforest circuit on the Nerang-Murwillumbah Road. You are right at the QLD/NSW border when heading down into this beautiful area.

Rainforest Circuit
Walk the timber bridges across Cave Creek to the Natural Bridge and Waterfall, which is spectacular. Natural Bridge was formed by water eroding and shaping the basalt rock, and the whole area is a rainforest paradise.

Springbrook National Park
Located 100km south west of Brisbane, Springbrook NP comprises four areas on and around the plateau – Mount Cougal, Natural Bridge, Springbrook and Numinbah. As you drive along, the fog and low cloud covering the mountain peaks is sight to behold. The entire area is lush and green, with pastures and hilly properties.

Abundant camping
There are plenty of camping opportunities, with many properties offering space for camper trailers seeking relaxation or adventure, usually along the Nerang River, which originates in the McPherson Range on the NSW and QLD border, and reaches its mouth at the Gold Coast Broadwater. The Nerang River starts as a running creek, meandering down through the valley, providing beautiful areas to set up your camper trailer or to go on numerous bush walks and longer hikes (tip: Youcamp for participating properties).

The town of Murwillumbah in NSW has grown along the banks of the lovely Tweed River, which provides opportunity for fishing and boating. It is a lovely arty town, with lots of agricultural lands growing sugar cane, dairy and banana plantations. Hobby Farming is very common in Murwillumbah, so make sure to put the weekly markets on your to-do list where you will find fresh local produce. Murwillumbah is a lovely half an hour drive over the border into NSW, from the Natural Bridge area in QLD.

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