4 family-friendly camping areas for your Queensland getaway

Family camping holidays are a popular option for people on the east coast of Australia as the beautiful ranging landscapes allow for activities suited to kids and adults alike.

Whether you prefer going out in a purpose-built travelling vehicle or your family SUV, AAA Finance can help you get to any location with caravan, car and boat finance.

Below is a list of four campsites around Queensland that could suit just about everybody:

1) Lawn Hill Gorge camping area

Roy Morgan Research notes that 10.9 per cent of Australian families that took a holiday between April 2014 and March 2015 went camping with a tent. Further, 6.2 per cent went in a caravan.

Camping with your family can be a great way to foster friendships and get into the outdoors, away from screens and into the fresh air. Lawn Hill Gorge camping area allows for that perfectly.

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A middle-sized campground of 20 campsites next to Lawn Hill Creek with room for one vehicle each means that all year round the area will be pretty quiet. A four-wheel drive is recommended at all times, and AAA Finance can help get you into a new one with a no doc car loan. Being self-employed or having an irregular income are no hindrances to having a new car, especially if you need it faster than a bank could approve a loan.

If a four-wheel drive isn't up your alley then a two-wheel drive can work, just make sure to lower your tyre pressure! Outback Joe, an Australian off-roading expert, recommends 8 psi for driving on sand. Lawn Hill Gorge will allow you easy access to the creek and the many adventures that can be had on it. Fishing, bushwalking and swimming are just some of the activities that your family could enjoy here.

2) Amity Point camping area

Located just north of Dunwich on North Stradbroke Island are 23 powered sites for caravans and tent users, as well as cabin accommodation.

The Amity Point camping area is a quiet location that really allows you to put your feet up.

Perfect for the family and close to the water, swimming and fishing are among the activities that are ideal for this area. Getting to the island isn't hard as you can drive your vehicle onto a ferry and straight off on the other side. The Amity Point camping area is a quiet location that really allows you to put your feet up.

An average family car will get you to the island too, and cabins mean that you don't need to load up with a tent either.

3) Caves Waterhole camping area

Located 180 kilometres northwest of Mount Isa lies this self-sufficient campground that is perfect for those who want to really get away from their busy everyday happenings. Within the Camooweal Caves National Park is the Nowranie Waterhole and a camping permit is required, however it will be a real experience for kids that haven't ever lived away from technology.

You'll need to bring your own supplies including rubbish bags and drinking water, but for a real bonding family trip this place could be fantastic. Two short trail walks can get your family out into the bush and spending time together while also being active. A four-wheel drive is recommended to access the camping area as two-wheel drives will have some difficulty driving through the terrain of the National Park.

4) Masthead Island camping area

If you're looking for any excuse to get a new boat, then look no further than boat-based camping. AAA Finance will even help you out with a boat loan to get you started, and then you can take the family to somewhere beautiful like the Masthead Island camping area for a holiday.

Treat your family and yourself to a new boat and enjoy this absolutely stunning location, which is a renowned turtle rookery. You'll have to be careful to not disturb the wildlife, but turtles are some of the most incredible creatures to witness so you won't want to pass this opportunity up. Snorkelling and diving are recommended, as well as reef walking in bordered areas and a spot of bird watching too.

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This camping area requires you to be fully self sufficient so visitors will need to bring their own drinking water and gas or fuel stove, but only between the months of October through April because each summer the campsite closes for regeneration. Don't let that put you off though, as up to 50 people are permitted on the campsite at any one time so there will be plenty of space for your boat and family whenever you decide to go during the available season.

If you have been inspired to take your family on a camping trip, whether in a caravan, family car, SUV or boat, talk to AAA Finance today and find out how the team can get you into your vehicle of choice to explore some of these beautiful locations.

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