4 features to look for in a new caravan

If you're wanting to make the most of the Australian roads for your holidays, caravans are a fantastic option for a getaway.

When getting caravan finance to buy your own one there are some features, however, you should look for that would make your trip even more enjoyable. Here are four of them:

1) Wi-Fi

With the advancement of technology that we are experiencing today, more and more devices are being connected to the internet. Even on holiday, there will be some creature comforts that you just can't live without, like updated sports results or the latest gossip from your favourite website.

Ensuring that you have Wi-Fi capabilities in your new caravan means that you won't have to distance yourself too far from the world when you go on holiday. A small weatherproof modem can be attached to your vehicle and a plan set up so that the internet can be accessed wherever you are. For the best results, make sure your chosen service provider has coverage in the areas you travel!

2) Extreme functionality

When you're taking out caravan finance, you'll want to be certain that your vehicle will have everything you need. Finding one that is compact but versatile might suit some people, while others will look for the bigger and more luxurious campers.

Whatever you choose, make sure that it has everything on board that you are looking for, even if it is hidden away in a hiding spot, such as behind a the sliding door of your van or in a space-saving overhead locker.

3) Alternative power source

According to the Caravan Industry Association of Australia (CIAA), 73 per cent of people purchasing a caravan stated that they were doing so because they wanted to see more of the country.

With adventure on the minds of so many caravan owners, getting into remote places can leave you without a power outlet.

New technology is allowing rechargeable power cells to be in-built to the campers, so they can go wherever the driver wants.

4) Off-road ability

The CIAA reports that 43 per cent of caravan owners use their vehicle five to 10 times every year, and for those explorers, you may well decide to go and find your own paths.

Make sure that you can go off-road so that you can take adventures into your own hands, and not get bogged down in a muddy campsite.

You don't need something that will climb cliff faces and wade through half a metre of water, but getting across some tough terrain could expand your getaway significantly.

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