What supplies are essential for your summer caravan trip?


Caravan Finance Sunshine Coast: Necessary Items For Your Trip:


Looking to get Caravan Finance Sunshine Coast? According to recent reports from the Caravan Industry Association of Australia. Campervan and caravan registration saw a 5% increase in 2015 from 2014, demonstrating Australia's continued passion for camping. Considering the limitless options for destinations and the cost-effectiveness of travelling with a camper trailer or caravan. Seeking out caravan finance and hitting the road is really a no-brainer. But now that you've got the ride, what else should you bring on your trip?

Here are six things you shouldn't forget on your next trip:

1. A Sturdy Awning

With your caravan Finance Sunshine Coast, we provide sun and rain protection for outdoor relaxing. You may need it for both depending on where you're travelling - Tully, QLD claims to be the wettest town in Australia with an average rainfall over 4,000 millimetres and a giant golden gumboot as a show of pride while Roebourne, WA hit a record high of 49.2 degrees Celsius on February 14, 2015.

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2. A Portable Barbecue


Who could imagine a summer vacation without barbecues? Luckily, there are many options for portable barbecues including simple bucket models and foldable versions.

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3. Board games


Good for rainy days and hot summer nights alike, board games are classic entertainment that everyone can enjoy. Bored with the old standards? Board Games Australia recently announced the winners of its annual board game awards including a Best Australian Game called Sushi Go!

4. Coffee maker

A portable percolator or a stovetop espresso maker will give you your java fix and prevent drooping eyelids on the road. Considering that, according to the Australian Transport Council, 20-30 per cent of road fatalities in Australia are caused by fatigue, making sure that you are alert on the road is not something to take lightly.

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Don't forget the caffeine on your next camper-van trip.


5. A head lamp

A bright head lamp allows you to have your hands free for when you're building a campfire or reading before bed.


. Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses

No, campervan windows won't protect you from the sun. Make sure you have supplies on hand to protect you from harmful rays. Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world, with 95-99 per cent of diagnosed skin cancer being caused by the sun, according to the Cancer Council of Australia.

Caravan Finance Sunshine CoastSun safety is important to remember on your next caravan trip.

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