5 of the best camping gadgets you can buy

Heading out for a holiday in a campervan is not the same trip that it used to be. While in the past it was a way to disconnect with the rush of the big city and get in touch with nature, now phones and computers follow us into the outdoors. 

It's not all bad news though, as some bright sparks have used technology to create gadgets that bring a bit of luxury to the age-old pursuit. Here are five you should purchase to make sure your first journey after securing caravan finance is a good one. 

1. BioLite Campstove

The BioLite Campstove will be hated by some generations, but loved by today's youth. It uses the power of the classic campfire to charge all manner of devices or simply boil water and melt marshmallows. 

Simply fill the canister with biomass - twigs, pinecones, etc. - light it on fire and watch as your electronics are charged. While there's some sort of science behind it, it sure looks like magic to us. 

2. Nemo Helio Pressure Shower

Going camping might be about sacrificing some of life's luxuries, but the line should be drawn when it comes to giving up hygiene for a holiday. Experienced campers will remember the weak streams of water you get from traditional gravity-powered portable showers. Thankfully, these can now remain memories with the help of the Nemo Helio Pressure Shower. 

Simply fill it up with water, pump it up with the foot pump and you have a pressurised portable shower to provide a touch of comfort to your getaway. 

3. ALLPOWERSDirect 16W Solar Charger

Are you afraid of getting lost in the wilderness but insist on taking your smartphone instead of an actual map? This is the device for you. It's a portable solar panel designed to hang off a backpack, so you can spend a day hiking and not sacrifice your precious smartphone battery life. 

You can also charge cameras to document your adventures, which brings us neatly on to...

4. GoPro Hero4

The quintessential camera for the adventurous and the clumsy, GoPros are renowned for being nearly unbreakable and waterproof, while still being able to capture crystal-clear video and audio. 

You can even attach them to a selfie stick to ensure no photo opportunities go to waste. 

5. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven

We've covered the best recipes for ensuring you don't get hungry while camping before, but what are you going to cook them in?

On the surface it looks pretty intimidating, but the Camp Chef Outdoor Camp oven is better equipped than most kitchens, allowing you to cook anything and everything you could possibly need while braving the great outdoors. 

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