Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Camping

There is nothing like an experience to be with the dolphins while you are camping. Before you start saying that you can’t afford it though you need to know that this is a free part of the experience. At Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort they want people to become familiar with nature and all of its glory. The dolphins are a key draw for people and one of the reasons that it is so popular.

The accommodations at this camping resort are right along the beach. It is located in Shark Bay and you will find plenty of great accommodations. They include units that offer basic elements to those that are villas with many amenities. There are accommodations for those that what to camp in tents or to bring along their own caravan too. Getting here with a motorbike camper trailer is another fun option a lot of people choose.

That means people of all ages can come to this camping area and do just fine. When you have young children being in a tent and without showers it almost impossible. Yet with other forms of accommodations it is the perfect solution. Your older children aren’t going to mind being away from friends and common electronic device when you take them to Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort.

When you stay here you will be able to see the dolphins as they come to the shore. They have been doing so in this area for at least 40 years. The dolphins are gentle and they will come right up to people in the water. They come to interact and that is an experience that your entire family is going to love.

While the dolphins may be the main attraction at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort, there are many other things to do with your time here. You can spend time swimming, playing tennis, going hiking, and enjoying a variety of great food items. You get to customise the experience to be just what you want from it.

Perhaps the rougher elements of camping aren’t your style but this is a great compromise. You will be able to take in the beauty of the area, to be able to enjoy nice accommodations, and to spend time around dolphins. That is an experience you don’t get most of the time when you go camping. This is a location that you are going to love from the moment you arrive. It will also be one you and your family can’t wait to return to.

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