Fun Activities for Children While on a Camping Trip

Creating activities for the children to enjoy while camping is important. Don’t just show up and hope they will be entertained. Many children today love TV, video games, computers, and mobile phones. Then it can be tough to leave it all behind to go camping and sit inside an "unplupged" roof top tent or old cabin. Allow them to help with planning the activities though and they will get excited about the upcoming trip.

Find out what the camp location offers too so that you can be prepared. For example some locations have a children’s craft area, daily games, and adventures. Others don’t but you can create them on your own. If they have a swimming are then you want to make sure your kids have their swimming suits with them.

Think of activities that can be done that are appropriate for the ages of the children you will be traveling with. If you go with other families then you may want to talk to them about this. It may be possible to split the children up to do different activities at the same time that work well for their age. Don’t worry though as there are plenty that they can all do together.

If you will be driving a long way to get to the camping location you want them to have fun on that part of the trip too. There are some car games that they can play including BINGO. They have to look for landmarks, other cars, and even signs to be able to win the game.

A scavenger hunt can be a great time for all children. They can go exploring in the given area to find certain things on a list that you give them. Try pairing up older children with younger children for such an activity. They can also write down information on their hunt about any tracks they see of animals. Have them guess what type of animal those tracks belong to.

Telling stories around the fire at night can be great fun for children. They can tell ghost stories. You can even tell them stories from when you were a child. Roasting marshmallows and making smores while you do so is going to be the icing on the cake for them. Try to think of some indoor activities too just in case it rains. Then the children won’t be disappointed that they can’t be out there enjoying themselves.

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