New year, new campground in Queensland

Welcome to 2017! Are you as excited about the fresh start in the new year as we are?

Regardless of how your past year went, now is the perfect time to reset and try new things. If you're a camping or hiking fanatic, you probably have a couple of go-to spots where you set up shop with views you've seen countless times. If you can hike it with a blindfold on, we say it's time to get a new favourite!

Fortunately, Queensland is a campers paradise and we've got some new sites for you to explore that will keep you busy throughout the new year. The new year may also include a new camper trailer or caravan.  AAA Finance can help with quick and easy camper finance.

Check out these awesome camper sites ready for you to explore.

Cedar Grove Camping at Amamoor Creek 

The campsite area itself is located in the Amamoor State Forest which is known for its rainforests and the famous Cedar Grove trail hike. Throughout the hike you'll pass by white and red cedars, and in their branches you'll see many types of birds perched and chirping away. Bird watching is a popular pastime for those hiking throughout the forest - look for the Australasian Figbird, Regent Bowerbird or Satin Bowerbird amongst many others. See how many you can spot! The area is equipped with cosy campsites for all family sizes.

Time to try out these new campsites in 2017.

Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park, you practically picture how beautiful this campsite is just from reading the name. It really does have everything, scenic walks that lead to picturesque waterfalls, babbling brooks, lush forests and some of Australia's cutest creatures. This site is unique because it has a great camping community supporting it - so even though you're a newcomer, you can probably find someone else who can show you to all the best spots.

Peach Trees Camping, Jimna State Forest 

Sounds relatively charming, doesn't it? Well, that's because it is! This state forest park offers scenic hikes that lead around the forest and Yabba Creek. Spend the day getting lost amongst the pines and stop to pose for a classic picture on the suspension bridge over the rushing water. Once you're done hiking, head back to your campsite and enjoy a barbecue cooked up on the open fireplace.

Right around dusk, the campsite is known to get a couple of curious kangaroos bouncing around, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!

If you're not yet tired, you can always check out the sand dunes.

Blue Lagoon camping area

If you've completed the last three hikes then there's no doubt you're starting to get a little tired! Blue Lagoon offers a nice change of pace for you. The campsite is located on the eastern side of Moreton Island where there are easy walking trails alongside stretches of beaches that you can lounge upon.

However, if you're not yet tired, you can always check out the sand dunes - some of which are the highest in the world - and go sand surfing! It's quite a unique camping experience, if we do say so ourselves. Once you're done there, you can cool off in the water. Snorkelling amongst the shipwrecks is bound to excite you!

And don't forget, new year, new finances! Be sure to get your car and camper trailer finance in order before you head out on your first trip with our friendly consultants here at Austrack Finance. We'll make sure you start 2017 off on the right foot with quick and easy caravan finance. Contact us today and let's get started.

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