Reduction in carbon emissions from Australian vehicles

Everyone has different considerations when buying a new vehicle. Some prefer to have something with perfect acceleration and handling, while others are more focused on the comfort of the interiors or perhaps the accessories that it comes with. And in recent years, as debate has raged around whether or not Australia needs a carbon price, the environmentally friendly aspects of our motor transport has come to the fore.

Anyone seeking new car finance with this last point in mind will be pleased with a new release from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI). The April 18 statement dissected the results of a report from the National Transport Commission paper into carbon emissions from light vehicles, which found that this sector was well ahead of government carbon reduction targets.

The federal government is aiming for a 5 per cent reduction in overall emissions by 2020, while these vehicles have been found to emit 22 per cent less carbon dioxide than 10 years ago. FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber put this down to manufacturers. 

"Their commitment to deliver these technologies to the Australian market shows through in the average industry year-on-year reduction of 2.4 per cent. This reduction is significantly greater than the reductions seen in many other sectors of the economy," he stated. 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures for the sale of new vehicles in March, passenger and sports utility vehicles account for the vast majority of new purchases, making up more than 83,000 of the 105,054 total vehicles bought during this month.

As manufacturers continue to move towards carbon efficient light vehicles, emissions may drop further. If your goal when applying for a secured car loan is buying something environmentally friendly, then the future is bright.

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