Should you get an SUV for your small business?

Australia is a nation of enterprising people. This is certainly the case with small-business owners, who must balance innovative business endeavours with demands of daily life. 

Nearly 98 per cent of all Aussie businesses are small businesses, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, with just over 2 million of them at the last count in 2014. If you are a proud small-business owner, you are probably looking for a reliable car that can serve you both for work and home.

Here we take a closer look at whether an SUV could be your ideal next vehicle.

SUVs on the up 

According to the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, SUVs have been a popular choice for businesses over the past year, with sales up by 17.9 per cent since November 2014. 

These flexible cars are an attractive option, as they offer plenty of space for transporting products and equipment, not to mention family and pets for those weekend jaunts to the park. In addition, while they are rugged enough to handle uneven country tracks, they are also suitably compact to manoeuvre around urban spaces and tight city parking. 

The Australian New Car Assessment Program, or ANCAP, has also put its stamp of approval on three more SUVs - with the Audi Q7, HONDA HR-V and Mitsubishi Pajero Sport all gaining a five star safety rating.

With about 45 per cent of all crashes involving a single vehicle according to ANCAP, finding a car with the best rating is crucial for your own safety and that of your passengers and fellow road users. 

"With ever increasing numbers of people buying SUVs it's good to see more vehicles in that category obtaining a five star result so that consumers have greater choice when it comes to buying a safer vehicle," said ANCAP's CEO James Goodwin. 

How can I get an SUV for my business?

If you are a small-business owner, you'll be familiar with the legislative red tape that comes with it. Buying a car for your operation is no different, but at AAA Finance, we want to help makes things easier. That's why we offer low or no doc car loans to help Aussie entrepreneurs get the car they want, sooner.

In addition, as an ABN holder, you might be able to claim tax deductions for your car finance. To find out more, contact us at AAA Finance today. 

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