Why you should buy a five star car

When looking to buy a new vehicle with your low doc car finance, you might consider a few factors: price, power, fuel consumption, comfort and spaciousness, to name a few. But one thing that should never be excluded from that list is safety.

But how do you check on the safety of a car? What features do you look out for? Don't just listen to hearsay and popular opinion. What you need to consult is proper, empirically verified information before deciding where to put your new car finance.

Proven data

ANCAP stands for Australasian New Car Assessment Program, and is the number one independent vehicle safety advocate in Australia and New Zealand.

The program tests cars for the level of protection they provide in the case of a crash. It also evaluates their ability to avoid one altogether. 

You have half as much chance of being severely injured or killed in a crash when you're in a five star rated car

Five star treatment

ANCAP rates the safety of cars by awarding them one to five stars. But how much of a difference does the score actually make?

According to ANCAP, you have half as much chance of being severely injured or killed in a crash when you're in a five star-rated car compared to one with a three star rating. This is why ANCAP's mantra is to never compromise on safety and to always buy five star rated vehicles.

ANCAP recommends that people take no risks, and only buy 5 star rated cars.ANCAP recommends that people take no risks. Safety should always be priority number one.

Getting tested

Using internationally regarded methods, ANCAP puts vehicles through a range of tests that mimic common crash situations. Inside each car are special dummies that will help to determine how damaging or fatal each one is for passengers.

It stimulates:

  • crashing frontally into another car of identical mass and travelling speed
  • being hit from the side at 90 degrees by another car
  • striking a pedestrian
  • colliding with a fixed object like a tree or lamp post
  • being hit from the rear by another vehicle

Tested vehicles must pass a minimum score in every category for each safety rating level. Safety assist technologies like Electronic Stability Control or Advanced Emergency Braking systems are also taken into account before a rating is awarded.

What are my choices?

If you're now wondering what five star rated car you can get with your car loan, you have numerous options.

For instance, it's hard to go wrong with the Toyota Corolla, an icon of vehicular reliability, or the stalwart Subaru Forester. Be sure to check out ANCAP's official site for a full list of cars and their ratings.

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