Tax savings – do you know all the facts?


2016 continues to progress at a startling pace, and already businesses will be planning for the end of financial year and possible tax deductions.

In 2015, the federal government increased the instant asset write-off threshold from $1,000 to $20,000. This means that small businesses can deduct assets costing less than $20,000 in their 2016 income tax return.

A car loan could be just what you need to get over the line.

Whether you need an additional company car, a grunty work ute or another truck to transport goods to clients, adding an asset under $20,000 to your fleet has a lot of advantages.

There are a number of options to suit people looking for a new car or work ute to name a few choices, and the quick turnaround that AAA Finance offers through low doc car loans makes this all the more accessible. AAA Finance can provide you with vehicle finance exactly when you need it most.

Taking The Stress Out Of Loans

Small businesses with an ABN, often finding the right financing options can be a tricky process, as banks require a large amount of proof and security in order to approve a car or equipment loan. A low doc loan is different in that there is little proof required of income and the approval process is fast. AAA Finance can even pre-approve a loan for you today.

Benefits include the ability to pay back the loan over a seven-year period with a simple fixed monthly repayment structure. The GST on the purchase price can be claimed as well as the interest paid during the life of the loan, so there's a number of advantages to putting yourself in the driver's seat with AAA Finance. When you're looking for specific tax advice, you can't go past the expertise of your accountant.

With the potential to be significantly less stressful and more accessible than a bank loan, taking out a low doc loan can help to get you into the perfect business car before the end of this financial year rolls around. Don't leave it too late!

That's where low doc loans can come in handy. With the end of the financial year coming up, you could make a real statement of intent with the purchase of assets that qualify for an instant tax asset write-off.

Easier access to funds with low doc loans from AAA Finance can help you to get into the perfect vehicle.

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