What are Australians looking for in a car?

We know Australians love sports - but how about sports cars? Overall car purchases have been rising in recent years, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics points out. In its 2014 Motor Vehicle Census, it was noted that the number of cars for every 1,000 people in the country had risen by 26 since 2009. 

This is likely to mean a rise in people seeking finance for their vehicles. But what exactly do people look for in a car once they secure a loan or have the money for their purchase? New research has shone a light on a particular type of vehicle: The sports car. 

A taste for Japanese flavour

Roy Morgan Research undertook a study of the type of sports cars that people like to buy, noting that 326,000 motorists in Australia own a sports car, coupe or two door convertible. While American and European cars are often lauded as the preferred makes when it comes to these luxury cars, it is not the case when people put their money where their mouth is.

The research found that 11.1 per cent of this group drives a Mitsubishi, more than any other make. This was followed by 10.8 per cent of these drivers who owns a Toyota, 8.4 per cent with a BMW and 7.6 per cent with a Nissan vehicle. Clearly, the people have spoken - and they prefer Japanese models! 

Norman Morris, industry communications director for Roy Morgan, shed some more light on this preference: 

"More generally, Japanese makes usually have a good reputation for reliability and longevity: Always desirable qualities in a sports car, especially when you're hurtling down the freeway at full tilt."

Sex sells

This research also looked at the reasons why sports car drivers are more likely to buy a specific vehicle, and it turns out that sex appeal stands head and shoulders over any performance aspects of a sports car.

Compared to people who drive regular cars, sports car owners are 188 per cent more likely to choose a vehicle based on its sex appeal, and 126 per cent more likely to go with something that is fun to possess. They're also much more likely to regard themselves as car enthusiasts, and to prefer a vehicle that can handle like a professional racecar. 

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