Two great cars for an Australian summer road trip

With the summer here to stay, the season of the great Australian road trip has returned.

This stalwart tradition is all about winding down the window, turning up the stereo and cruising to the next amazing destination. It's also about exploring your home like never before and falling in love with everything this great country has to offer. 

However, before you go, you'll need a reliable vehicle with plenty of room for you and the family - and car finance can help you find just the one. Here are two of our favourite cars to help you have the best road trip yet. 

Most comfortable ride: The Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you're going to be spending hours in a car, you want to be sure it has plenty of legroom and space to stretch out. For anyone en route to a short holiday break away, you'll also be needing space to fit everything but the kitchen sink. 

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has everything you could want in a 4X4, and more. Sink into leather bucket seats in the Overland edition, which also sports a dual-pane panoramic sunroof. The front seats are not only ventilated, but they also boast a generous metre of legroom.

No matter the terrain, you can also be assured of a smooth ride, thanks to the Jeep Grand Cherokee's Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System, meaning that you can glide along the city streets or carve a path through the off-road track in comfort.

Best for long distance: The Honda Accord Sport Hybrid

There's nothing worse than setting off on an epic road trip and having to pull over every two seconds to fill up the car. Thankfully with the Honda Accord Sport Hybrid, you won't have to. This highly capable sedan pairs a traditional combustion engine with a powerful electric one, meaning that fuel consumption is kept low. 

By intelligently switching between the petrol and electric engines, the Accord managed a fuel consumption rate of 4.6 litres per 100 kilometres in testing, while still managing to pull off 146kW maximum power.

Lightweight construction and aerodynamic panels also allow the Accord to travel greener, resulting in carbon emissions of just 107 grams per kilometre. 

If you're ready to take wheel for your next great Australian road trip, the team at AAA Finance can help you get there with a car loan. You can get pre-approved online, or find out more about our finance products by contacting our team today. 

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