3 simple camper trailer accessories you can’t travel without

When you start packing for your camper trailer holiday, you shouldn't have to leave something behind because you don't have room for it. You also shouldn't have to decide on what activities you'll be doing before you leave so you know what to bring, and what to leave behind.

Instead, your holiday should be as relaxing as possible. If you want to go out on a boat, then do so. If you want to practice your favourite instrument, bring it along. There are a number of things that many people leave behind when they go on a camper trailer holiday, but that doesn't have to be the case. Here are 3  simple camper trailer accessories you can't travel without. The camper trailer accessories below can be added to your setup in no time at all with a personal loan from AAA Finance, and it'll open up your possibilities no end:

1) H-style boat rack

An H-style boat rack can be attached to the roof of your camper trailer or car, and have a boat safely secured to it. You can't tow both a camper trailer and a boat trailer, so having one on top of the other is an innovative solution.

Buying a small boat means you can get out on the water for a day of fishing, or even travel around the coast looking for interesting places to anchor and explore. You can also invest in a small pulley system (electric or manual) to help get the boat safely on top of the vehicle with the rack.

2) Compound bows and arrows

Compound bows and arrows are amazing pieces of technology, and are a lot of fun to practice shooting with. Choose a safe space to set up a target with nobody else around, and go out with a friend or family member for a day of shooting.

The bows themselves are extremely valuable, but so are the arrows. If you're not confident about shooting into a target and not losing one, start closer to the bull's-eye and move away as you get better.

3) 12 Volt battery pack

A 12 Volt battery pack is a universally useful piece of equipment. With the right adaptors, you can bring along electric instruments, televisions, other electrical devices and spotlights. Whatever atmosphere you want for your camper trailer holiday, AAA Finance has the right option for you to get the best accessories on the market.

A proper battery pack can be incredibly useful on a camper trailer holiday.
A proper battery pack can be incredibly useful on a camper trailer holiday.

Some battery packs are better than others, and the more you spend, the better quality (with enhanced performance) you will get.

Contact AAA Finance today to talk about what other camper trailer accessories you can invest in.

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