3 of the best caravan accessories for your next holiday

Holidays for Australian families are an important part of life - it's a way to get out of the office or put down the work that you've been dragging around for the past six months and just put your feet up. You could even disregard that piece of advice and go for more of an adventure-based trip to one of the many fabulous destinations on offer around this brilliant country.

Wherever you decide to go, and whatever you feel like doing, pulling your very own accommodation around behind your vehicle will take a huge amount of stress out of the whole journey. That's why there's so much value in a caravan, and getting into one of your own could change the way you holiday forever.

Taking the first step is so often the hardest, and camper trailer finance from AAA Finance is a great way to help you get into one.

After the initial purchase, however, there are a number of creature comforts you probably won't want to be without on your travels. The three accessories below are absolute must-haves:

1) A full caravan awning

Something that may put a lot of people off buying a caravan is the limited indoor space available for when you need to just relax inside. Having a full awning is an easy and inexpensive way to essentially double the amount of available living space you have.

Protect yourself from the sun with a full, protective awning.Protect yourself from the sun with a full, protective awning.

Typically, they will attach to the exterior of the caravan and fold out to provide a full covering. This is a great way to protect dirty shoes from the elements without having to traipse them through the lovely new interior of your caravan.

Quora outlines how a retractable awning can give you all the benefits of being in the great outdoors with lovely fresh air flow, while still protecting you from the UVA and UVB rays from the searing sun. There's a lot of value in sun protection, so you'll see the benefits of this addition as soon as you park up.

2) An auxiliary battery charger

For all those times when you've accidentally left the lights on in your car and drained the battery while walking around the shops, you'll understand the importance of having a charged battery.

Keeping the environment in mind, however, you may not want to be hooked up to the main power supply all the time. You might not even be staying at a campground that provides it, so you'll need to make use of your own batteries. Particularly with a television, power is required in relatively large quantities to enjoy all the news and sport you have time for. That will suck right through a regular power supply in very little time, so having a battery charger on hand is going to make your usage less stressful.

What would you do if your battery ran dry?What would you do if your battery ran dry?

A Ring 50A SmartChargePro, for example, has a 230-Volt AC input with a 12-Volt DC output at between 2 and 50 amps of supply. This will be particularly useful for trips where you will be away from a main docking station for a few days, and it will help to keep all of your electric appliances running at full power.

3) A television with a satellite

If you're planning on being away from civilisation on your caravan holiday, especially over the summer months, you might want to think about installing a satellite television option.

The Boxing Day cricket test match is a regular fixture for so many Australians, and even something as simple as watching the news at night can make your holiday more comfortable. There are so many new models of caravans coming onto the market at the moment, and the same can be said for televisions. While you probably won't want to get a three-dimensional theatre screen, for space-saving reasons, you can still achieve high-quality pictures and clear satellite images with the right equipment.

The satellite can even act as an internet receiver, so checking in on some emails is an option.

The Caravan Industry Association of Australia reports that from 2010 to 2013, there were more than 20,000 Australian-made caravans ordered. In fact, the 2010 figure of 21,000 was a 30-year record, so clearly people have realised the potential of caravan-based adventuring.

With more than 70,000 new caravans on Australian roads over that four-year period, setting yours apart from the crowd is going to be even more difficult. Including a great television screen with a quality satellite and receiver box will ensure you have the most comfortable vehicle out.

As long as you don't park underneath a tree that would block the signal, you'll be sitting pretty. The satellite can even act as an internet receiver, so you have the option of checking in on some emails (personal, of course) when you're out and about.

Love the idea of getting into your own caravan before your next holiday? We thought so, and these accessories will only serve to make your time off the best it can possibly be. Get in touch with AAA Finance to discuss you options for caravan finance today.

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