What to expect in a road trip in your camper trailer


You've probably seen a movie or two about a family renting a camper trailer for an epic road trip of family bonding and quality time. The expectations of the parents are never fulfilled, in fact, there's usually loads of twists and turns that end up making the trip a waking nightmare.

Thankfully, these antics are usually incredibly far fetched, but it does leave us wanting to know what we can really expect on a proper road trip. Don't worry, we've got answers for you. Here's what to expect on your next road trip in your camper trailer.

1. There's lot's of spare time 

In the movies, road trippers tend to get to all their destinations in no time at all. This isn't too shocking - no one wants to watch hours of unexciting doldrums. But you can't press fast forward. You're going to have to live through those long hours of nothingness. The good news is you can fill these voids with perfectly planned playlists and cleverly crafted road games, so long as you know the boredom is coming. You've been warned!

You won't go bored if you have plenty of road trip games prepared!You won't go bored if you have plenty of road trip games prepared!

2. Things don't go according to plan

OK, so things going unexpectedly wrong is actually the exact plot of every road trip movie ever. While things might not go as badly as Hollywood's musings, you can certainly expect to hit some bumps in the road. When you go into road trips, you need to do so with an open mind.

If you're prepared to be flexible and make the most of destinations that fall a little short of expectations, you'll have an even better trip than you could have anticipated!

3. You'll have a (relatively) tame trip

What's one thing all these road trippers tend to have in common? Yup, you guessed it: turmoil. Innocent camper trailer families somehow end up in a dangerous road war with an angry driver. The two vehicles turn into a game of real life bumper cars, they fly across the median, narrowly miss oncoming traffic before spinning safely into a meadow and escaping the attacker - for a little while at least. But eventually, some way or another, that darn camper van always seems to get destroyed.

This won't happen to you. You might pop a tyre or miss a service station and run out of gas, but that's really the worst that could happen. If you're properly prepared for these real-life challenges,  chances of you getting into a dangerous road war are incredibly low.

Get in contact with a friendly and helpful representative at AAA Finance and see how else you can make your road trip run as smoothly as possible.

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