4 of the world’s most famous racehorses

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Or perhaps you're wondering if you should get back on the saddle again.

Whether you're learning or are a riding veteran, it's always exciting to take a look back in time at the greats. Here are four legendary horses in history that may just get you fired up about this classic sport and pastime.


Living from 1764 to 1789, Eclipse is commonly regarded as the most famous racehorse of the 18th century. He was a bright chestnut British Thoroughbred and was notoriously strong, quick and large. Eclipse also had a notably wild temperament, common among horses of this breed. Easily winning all 18 races in his career, his achievements are still honoured in today's horse racing scene, with his name being immortalised in the US Eclipse Horse Racing Awards, Prix Eclipse and Group 1 Eclipse Stakes.

Phar Lap

Bred in New Zealand, Phar Lap was a physical behemoth that is a legend among both Australian and international horse racing. He was known for having immense stamina, no doubt fuelled by a powerful heart that weighed 6.2kg, which is around 50 per cent heavier than the average racehorse's heart. This gelding went on to win 37 races in his career, including a famous victory in the 1930 Melbourne Cup.

Man O'War

Also known as Big Red, this American Thoroughbred is often remarked as one of the greatest racehorses in history. Man O'War only exhibited unparalleled speed and ability after being finally broken. He was a racing powerhouse, winning 20 out of 21 races and setting seven track speed records. Furthermore, his seeming hunger to win was observed by audience and sportswriters alike as Grantland Rice commented "Man O' War was something different... he struck me always as one who had a furious desire to win".


Seabiscuit had a less-than-stellar early career despite being a descendent of Man O'War.

Unlike other horses on this list, Seabiscuit had a less-than-stellar early career despite being a descendent of Man O'War. In his youth, he was regarded as lazy by his first trainer, showing little interest to even break into full speed. However, when the care of Seabiscuit transferred to Charles Howard and trainer Tom Smith, the Thoroughbred begun to show his true potential under new training methods, snatching win after win. His most famous victory was against the highly-favoured War Admiral, which has since been called 'The Race of the Century'.

So intriguing is the story of Seabiscuit's rise to fame, that his tale has been chronicled in books and even got the Hollywood treatment in the form of a movie, which starred Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges.

Who knows? Your horse could be the next racing legend.Who knows? Your Thoroughbred could be the next racing legend.

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