3 famous riders to replicate with a motorcycle loan

Motorcycle riders have been many things to many people, from outlaws to speed demons, but how many famous riders have actually encouraged people to give it a go themselves?

The exploits of a number of riders throughout history have been enough to tempt people into applying for a motorcycle loan to follow their heroes, whether that's on track or on Australia's roads. 

From Australian motor racing heroes to insane British riders and movie icons, there's an idol for any new rider to imitate with their new motorcycle. 

Here are three of the best we could find. 

1. Mick Doohan - Australian Champion

For those interested in sports bikes, there are few riders who had the same impact as Mick Doohan. Doohan rode himself into the history books riding for Honda in the Moto GP, winning five straight 500cc championships from 1994 to 1998. 

Naturally, he picked up a few world records on his path to becoming a legend, including most successive pole position starts (12) and most wins in a season (also 12). The state of the current sports bike market means it's the perfect time for eager riders to replicate these exploits on the track.

Most manufacturers that compete in the Moto GP and World Superbike championships release road-going analogues of their race-prepped machines. Is it time for you to sign up?

2. Guy Martin - TT conqueror

Englishman Guy Martin was thrust into the international spotlight after the release of the documentary TT3D: Closer to the Edge. The film focused on the Isle of Man TT, one of the world's most dangerous road racing events that sees riders hold an average lap speed of more than 200 kilometres per hour on a road course lined with brick walls. 

The charismatic Martin became the film's star, offering a brutally honest perspective on the risks and rewards offered by the TT. Martin made his name on sport bikes, but his life lessons are perfect for anyone looking to put on a helmet and leathers and hit the road. 

3. Lee Marvin - Star of the silver screen

Not all motorcycle heroes made their name in motorsport, in fact we could probably list the Harley Davidson here as a star in and of itself. 

The 1953 film The Wild One saw Lee Marvin star - with a Harley Davidson - as the leader of a motorcycle gang opposing Marlon Brando and his Triumph Thunderbird. The film set the scene for the effortless cool these bikes still portray to this day. 

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