How To Apply And Be Approved For Campervan Finance

Dying to hit the road, but haven’t quite got the funds?

This is a scenario that plays out time and time again for Australian families, retirees and intrepid explorers. You want to buy your dream caravan or camper trailer, but you don’t know how to secure the finance, whether you can afford the loan repayments, or even know what options are available to you.

It’s time to get your head out of the sand and get camping! There are plenty of ways you can apply and be approved for camper trailer or caravan finance, and get yourself on the road.

Here are our favourite ‘tried and true’ methods for securing finance for caravans and other vehicles.

Get Yourself A Consumer (Or Secured) Caravan Loan

What most people would consider as a “traditional” form of loan, a consumer or ‘secured’ loan is lent to an individual to enable them to pay for various items - such as a caravan. This type of loan uses the asset you are buying as security against the loan.

The loan you are approved for will be based on factors such as your annual income, credit history, available assets and so on. It is provided once a repayment framework is negotiated and agreed upon, in accordance with what you can afford and the size of your loan.

Key items you need to bring up with your finance provider when negotiating your camper trailer loan are:

  • The term (or length) of your loan
  • Your fixed interest rate
  • Options for early loan pay outs

When arranging your camper trailer loan, ensure you settle on a loan agreement which can work in with your budget, so you can manage your repayments long term.

Apply For No Doc / Low Doc Finance

When applying for a consumer or secured loan you’re going to face some red tape. This red tape is made manageable by having a knowledgeable and efficient finance provider - but it’s red tape all the same.

A no doc or low doc loan offers ABN holders a finance option that doesn’t require income statements, pay slips, tax returns or other bank documents. Because of this the loan approval process can happen much quicker, providing you with funds in a significantly shorter time frame.

There are also several other benefits of low doc or no doc camper trailer loans, including bigger tax breaks, long term repayment structures, fixed interest rates and balloon payments.

Unfortunately low doc / no doc options aren’t available for anyone applying for finance. To qualify you need to claim your camper trailer or caravan as a business asset - for example, if you’re a builder you may claim your purchase as such if you work away from home during the week.

Consider Balloon Repayments

If a finance provider offers you a balloon repayment, what they’re offering is a loan with small repayments throughout its term and a bulk or lump sum repayment at its conclusion.

This is a particularly advantageous option for people applying for caravan or camper trailer loans because:

It provides you with the funds required to get you on the road.
If you’re travelling for an extended period of time (for example, a year), it means you can better enjoy your time away by making smaller monthly repayments.
Once you have arrived back home and have reduced costs, and/or are back at work, you can pay the bulk of your loan back then.

Essentially, balloon repayments allow you to have more cash in hand when you need it - and pay back your loan at a time which best suits you.

Hit the road!

No matter what path you take to secure your caravan loan, AAA Finance are expert finance providers who can easily guide you through the process. We work with a panel of over 23 lenders to get you the best deal possible, and structure your repayments to best suit your lifestyle and budget.

If you have any more questions or would like to talk to us about applying for a loan, call us (07) 5493 1222 or email

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