How to maintain your campervan this autumn

Take to the road at any time of year and you're sure to find plenty of people out in their campervans. Whether it's the accessibility of camper trailer finance or the feeling of freedom that comes with this type of travel, there is no shortage of enthusiasts out there.

IBISWorld's Caravan and Motorhome Rental market research report showed that between 2010 and 2015, the industry experienced annual growth of 3.2 per cent. Analysts indicated that this steady increase shows that popularity is on the rise - and it could escalate further as more retirees look to purchase recreational vehicles.

While owning a campervan might be good fun, there are is still some basic maintenance that needs to be carried out. After all, these vehicles travel long distances year after year, so they're bound to need some attention once in a while!

Why not use the autumn months to take a closer look at your campervan and check it's in top condition? Here are some handy hints to help you do just that.

Check the tyres

Your campervan's wheels are its only point of contact with the road, so it pays to make sure they're in line with the law. As the RACQ points out, legislation requires at least a 1.5mm tread depth across the area that's normally on the road. You might find the letters TWI on the edge of the tyre, which will give you an indication of where the wear bar locations are.

Recharge your batteries

It's likely that your camper's battery will have started to discharge if it hasn't been used for a while. Experts recommend that you recharge the battery every six weeks, even if you're not planning a trip. This will ensure it's ready to work the next time you do hit the road.

General signs of wear and tear

According to the Caravan RV & Accommodation Industry of Australia, the average campervan travelled as many as 12,000 kilometres a year back in 2010. The Caravan and Campervan Data Report 2012 suggested that the average distance has increased considerably from the 8,650 recorded just three years earlier. 

Aside from the tyres, other parts of your camper are likely to have suffered over the course of the year.  Removing dirt and grime can improve the longevity of your vehicle, as well as protect it from deterioration over time.

Tackle the water system

If your camper has an internal water system, use the autumn months to give it a good clean. Flush it out thoroughly and use a cleaner or steriliser to bring the system back into decent working order.

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