Outdoor Cooking

Eating is something we have to do, and it can be different when you go camping. We are used to conveniences we have at home. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t really make some great food items when you go camping- especially if you bring along a well equipped camper trailer.

First, think about the set up you will have. Are you taking a trailer that has a refrigerator and a stove? Will you be renting a cabin with those items? If so then what you can make is up to you. Just make sure you have the right supplies including cooking utensils.

When you are camping outdoors though you will have to be more inventive. You will need a cooler to keep meat and other refrigeration items cold. Bring along lots of canned goods so that you don’t have to keep so much refrigerated. Find out if the camp site has a pit for cooking or if you need to bring along your own grill.

Even if they have a pit you will need a way to create the fire. Bring along paper, wood, and some lighter fluid. Bring matches or a lighter, but more than one so that you don’t lose it and have nothing. Store matches in two separate places in case one batch of them gets wet.

Bring along some finger foods too such as Vienna sausages. If it rains and you can’t keep a fire going you want to make sure your family can eat. Lunch meat is a great choice too for rainy days and for picnics away from your campsite.

If you enjoy fishing you will want to bring along a fillet knife. If you get some fish then you can cook them for a meal. Don’t count on it though so be prepared to bring enough food. You never know when you will have an abundance of fish and when you will walk away empty handed.

Create meals that are easy for you to make. For example roasting hotdogs on sticks allows everyone to make their own. Bring along some buns, chips, and condiments and you are good to go. You can also make items such as chili before you go. Then all you have to do is pour it into a pot and heat it up at the camp site.

Avoid bringing food items that can spoil easily. You don’t want the risk that anyone can get food poisoning from them while camping. Always keep your food containers secure. You don’t want to make them enticing for any animals in the camp area to come check them out.

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