Keeping The Environment Healthy When You Go Camping

While camping it is neat to get to explore the area and to take part in activities. Yet you also have the responsibility of keeping the area clean. Waste that isn’t properly disposed of or that ends up in the water can cause serious health problems for all of us in the future. It also compromises the value of those health sites.

You can do your part by making sure you clean up after yourself when you are camping. The site should be clean and ready for the next person when you leave. Properly dispose of all your trash in the designated places. If you camping in isolated areas take along some trash bags of your own so that you always have a place to dispose of things. For example, if you are heading deep into the bush using an off road camper trailer, you want to plan to pack everything out that you have brought in with you.

When you plan a picnic to go hiking you need to think about the trash too. Make sure everything can be packed up into a picnic basket or backpacks. Don’t leave anything behind that can be a determent to the environment.

Children need to be fully aware of the responsibility with the environment while camping. Help them to understand the value of it. When you are out hiking if you see items that others left behind set a good example. Pick up their trash and dispose of it. Keep in mind that animals in the area can come along and get it and that can be harmful to their own well being.

Watch for items that aren’t secured down. For example paper plates and napkins. You may have them sitting on the table and if it gets windy they will be scattered around the camp site. Use heavier items to keep them secure. Of course when you are attaching items to your camper trailer this goes double- you don't want things flying off one the road. Bad enough you might lose them but even wore would be injuring someone else whose path they might fly into.

When hiking in a camping area stay on the given trails. Don’t create your own as you can be upsetting what is growing in them. You can also destroy the home of various living creatures without even realizing it. You have to remember that you are in their habitat and be respectful of it.

If you take along a trailer for camping make sure you use the waste site to properly dispose of bodily waste before you leave. Most camping areas do offer such a dump site. It is a good idea to find out what is offered before you make your camping plans for a particular destination. Then you won’t have any problems at all being able to take care of your waste.

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