Cut through the red tape with a low doc loan

When your business is coming to a point where productivity seems to be stagnating and costs of operation are rising, it may well be due to ageing equipment.

A low doc vehicle or equipment loan from AAA Finance can help your company to cut through the proof of income requirements and the long waiting times of a bank to access money quickly and safely so that you can refresh your assets and take the next step forward.

Why would new equipment help?

Office Product News suggests that modern machines have a higher output capacity, which can improve efficiency either around the office, farm or in the warehouse.

For example, a new Kubota MGX series tractor can be equipped with a 135 horsepower engine, intelli-shift transmission and advanced hydraulics systems that can help to increase productivity in the workplace.

Not only can productivity be improved with a new fleet of equipment, but operating costs have the ability to be reduced. If your ABN has been running for over 12 months and the technology that you are purchasing costs between $4,000 and $400,000, then your business will be eligible for a low doc loan from AAA Finance.

The Australian government Department of Industry, Innovation and Science reports that with the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) program, appliances and products that have enhanced efficiency can have significant economic benefits to organisations. The more energy efficient a piece of equipment is, the less money it costs to run.

When updating a fleet of vehicles, there can be safety benefits as well. Newer airbag technology along with anti-roll equipment and electronic assists mean that employees using the trucks, utes, tractors or other machinery will be protected from the elements to a much higher degree.

Getting assistance with a low doc loan

Without all of the hassle of a bank loan that needs security and all sorts of documentation, a low doc loan can help you to save time without having to prove income and have your tax returns up-to-date.

If your company needs to take advantage of new equipment to increase productivity and benefit from reduced operating costs quickly, then a low doc loan could be perfect for you.

Contact AAA Finance to see what options would work the best for you, and take your business to the next level.

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