Sailing the coast – what are your options?

There's something absolutely majestic about setting sail on a gorgeous yacht and feeling the wind propelling you along. Australia has some of the most incredible coastlines in the entire world, so that only adds to the marvel of being out on the water and getting the salt spray all over your face.

It makes the experience even more enjoyable when you get to do all of that in your very own boat. Purchasing a yacht isn't something that many people can just go out and do without any forethought, however, which is why AAA Finance's boat loan options are so necessary.

If you've been dreaming of getting onto the water for a while now, then it might be time to seriously consider financing options to make it a reality. The boat options below are just a small selection of what is on the market, and you might be inspired to start your search today!

1) Dufour 40E Performance

As far as classic sailing goes, the Dufour 40E Performance is hard to beat. It's a sleek and modern design, but hails the bigger and better styles of days gone by.

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With a healthy dose of wood combined with the lightweight hull, this is a sailboat that can keep up with the best of them, while remaining calm and comfortable. For those stormy Sydney weekends where the call of the windy seas is just too much, this is truly your best bet. It's got enough room for the whole family and requires only a few extra hands to make it work perfectly. You could probably work the boat alone, but that wouldn't be quite as relaxing!

Below the deck, you'll find luxurious fittings for when the sailing gets a bit much and you just want to sit back and have a glass of champagne or a cold beer - both go perfectly on the open ocean. This is a brilliant yacht, and one that you'll enjoy for years to come.

2) Beneteau Sense 50

The Beneteau Sense 50 is similar in shape to the Dufour above, but is slightly more innovative in design and construction. It offers a different kind of experience on the water, because of how simple the operations are.

It features a reduced heel and is designed to sit closer to the water, meaning you won't be flying around on top of the wake. Instead, comfort is the key in the Sense 50, and that's something you'll appreciate when you're out on the water for days on end with your loved ones.

Sitting in the harbour, the Sense 50 will also look the part, which is important. Nobody wants to buy an ugly yacht!

3) Bavaria Open 40

The Bavaria Open 40 is completely different to the other options on this list, as it's designed to be a twin-hulled catamaran. That has some serious advantages, including speed and comfort.

You won't be rolling about, and it's far easier to sail around with a smaller crew. There is also a whole lot more room below decks, which allows the family to enjoy the weekends on the water in style and space.

The cockpit and saloon flow together in the Open 40, which means there is no disconnection between people, no matter what their intentions are for the day. If someone can't resist getting out on the water but has a bit of work to do, then they can still enjoy feeling like they're a part of the action without missing a beat of their studies.

That's the beauty of owning a sailboat too - you can take it out whenever the wind is in your favour (which happens to be very often in Australia) and everyone can enjoy at least one aspect of it. From sunning yourself on the deck to standing at the wheel like your favourite pirate captain, sailing has it all. It's certainly something you'll need boat finance for, however. AAA Finance couldn't make it easier.

4) Dragonfly 25

For those after a faster response and much more movement across the water, the Dragonfly 25 trimaran is something to look into. It's a fantastic looking piece of engineering, and comes in either a Touring or Sport version. If you want to cruise the harbours with your family, the former is going to suit you down to the ground - especially if everyone loves getting involved. For a faster sail and even a boat you can enter into races, the Sport edition will sit pretty in your garage.

The 25 is also unique on this list as you can put it on a trailer, and two people can rig the sails to be ready for a day on the water in as little as 30 minutes. That's convenience you don't often get with a sailboat. Maximum speeds can reach over 21 knots, and available in a range of colours, there's a specific 25 for every sailor with a need for speed.

These are just a few options, but they're amazing ones. If you feel the call of the sea right now, it's probably a good time to get in touch with AAA Finance to start your journey toward owning a boat!

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