The most scenic camper trailer campsites in Victoria

The east coast of Australia is for adventurers. As such it has been become well equipped with spots for camping road-trippers to put the campervan in park and enjoy the natural beauty of this great country. But with thousands of miles of coast and plenty of campsites to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you and your mates?

Well that's where we come in. We've selected a couple of our favourite campsites in Victoria where you can park your camper trailer, sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have you got your own favourite campsite? Take some pictures and let us know which you think deserves to be called the most scenic site in Australia!

Marengo Holiday Park, Vic

Travelling the Great Ocean Road will absolutely take your breath away, so you have to stop at Marengo Holiday Park to take it all in for a couple of days. Once you set up camp you can partake in all the best activities like swimming, snorkelling and some horseback riding if that's something you're into! The campsite overlooks the azure ocean – you'll love waking up to that fresh, salty air!

You're going to want to stop and camp when journeying along the Great Ocean Road.You're going to want to stop and camp when journeying along the Great Ocean Road.

Cumberland River Holiday Park, Lorne, Vic

Here's another site off the Great Ocean Road, though this one takes you off the path and into the cliffs. You can stay in a beautiful lush valley that's complete with rocky outcrops, a trickling stream and some rock pools for splashing around in. You'll feel as alive as the hills when you spend a weekend at Cumberland River Holiday Park.

Stevensons Falls Campground, Vic

If you love nothing more than a good, cascading waterfall then Stevenson Falls campground is the spot for you. It is situated in a cosy valley camp by Gellibrand River and the falls are just a short hike away. Campsites are snug amongst various trees which range from oak trees to plum and apple trees. This site is a hopping good time as it attracts large crowds of kangaroos who feast on the grass in the area. It's quite the unique spot!

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