Camping for two: Secluded campsites in NSW


Secluded Campsites in NSW

Camping for two and not really in the mood to be around other people? We get it, sometimes you and your partner just need a little time to get away from it all. Don't worry, There are a campsites for that - in fact, there are quite a few of campsites for that!

If you're a couple, New South Wales is the destination for you both. With multiple secluded sites available for exploring, we don't think you'll get bored visiting this neck of Australia. Let's take a peek at some of the areas we think you'll love!

Honeymoon Bay

Seems like a pretty obvious choice, right? Honeymoon Bay, located in Jervis Bay, is equipped with plenty of places to escape to. Secluded bays lead to rocky outcrops that are idyllic for pausing to take a moment and reflect on your awesome life as the wind tussles your hair and the waves lap up serenely around your ankles. This spot has limited access because campers can only come here on weekends or during school holidays - so plan accordingly!

Picnic Point Campground 

Nestled in the Mimosa Rocks National Park, you'll find the sweet getaway campsite, Picnic Point. Even if there are other people lurking around this site, you'll be able to retreat into the Banksia trees and listen to the waves crash against the rocks. Or, you could get right down in there and play in the crystal clear water. It's a very romantic spot, though it's busiest during holidays, so keep that in mind if you're trying to plan a cosy trip away.

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Tanja Lagoon Campsite

Don't forget, there's always the option to go glamping! There are specific glamp sites (you read that right) that are dedicated to keeping people away while also providing an incredibly rustic-chic romantic experience. Typically, you can rent a glamp site like Tanja Lagoon Camp, where you and your partner can relax in a canvas safari tent complete with a roomy deck that overlooks the lagoon. Go kayaking, hiking or just spend a day by the water - no matter the activity you're sure to have a perfectly secluded time.

You can always make any campsite a glamp site when you have the right supplies!

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