What are the best ways to get into a V10 car?


For many car enthusiasts, there is nothing better than hearing a massive engine fire up and rumble away for a few minutes before you put your foot down and hit the road. Typically, the V8 has been the engine of choice for a lot of people. It's grunty, has great torque at the low end and sounds like a jet engine with the right exhaust setup.

A classic BMW E39 M5 would have got you a solid car with a great V8 engine - more recently, the HSV Clubsport R8 is a performance car with seriously Australian roots, and a typical Aussie engine to boot.

For those drivers who want a little more out of an engine, though, and maybe anyone looking to graduate from the solidity of a V8, the V10 is an engine that has been installed on some incredible cars over the last decade. Below are just a few of them - and car finance from AAA Finance will help you get behind the wheel of one for yourself.

1) Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI

For an SUV to start this list might seem like a strange choice, although the Touareg is something truly special. The V10 TDI has twin turbochargers to offset any 'performance issues' that the diesel fuel might bring with it, although you'd be hard-pressed to find anything at all wrong with this engine.

Flaunting 230 kilowatts of power and - wait for it - 750 Nm of torque, this SUV will propel you from 0 to 100 kph in just 7.4 seconds. That's a ridiculous time for a car that can also handle itself very well off-road. This is a fantastic option for a V10, and probably one of the best diesel engines ever manufactured for an SUV. You'll be floating around in comfort, high off the ground, before you put your foot down and hear the mighty growl from beneath the hood. It's also very highly optioned, so you'll be delighted inside the cabin.

2) Audi S6 C6

More conventionally, this V10 is fitted to a luxury sedan. But it's a luxury sedan with a twist - it's impeccably fast! This is one heck of a car, and you'll notice as soon as you try to take off slowly. You won't be able to resist getting heavy on the accelerator off the line.

The C6 model is getting older now, however it's still a fashionable-looking car. That's reasonably important for a luxury car, but with this particular model, you'll be sure to agree that the most important thing is the engine.

A 5.2-litre V10 throws down 320 kilowatts of power and a slightly less impressive figure than the Touareg for torque: 540 Nm. Although, that's not to be sniffed at for a sedan. You'll also fly from 0 to 100 kph in 5.2 seconds, with a limited top speed of 250 kph, but you'd only experience that on a race track.

The Audi S6 C6 is now only available second-hand, as with the Volkswagen above, but getting pre-approved car finance right now is simple. And it could be all you need to start planning for your next amazing car - hopefully, a V10.

3) BMW E60 M5

Another sedan to add to the list, but this one is BMW's absolute cream of the crop from the E60 range. The S6 is a brilliant car, but for a truly explosive and violent drive, the RS6 would be more suited, and that's what the M5 is competing with. As far as badges go, the M5 is one of the most recognisable by car enthusiasts everywhere as something fearsome to behold. As far back as the 90s with the E34 M5, the badge has denoted speed, performance, handling and style all in one package.

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An almost endless stream of torque can be felt emanating from beneath the hood of the E60 M5, which is potentially the most comfortable car on this list - only a few centimetres away from being a limousine, really. The V10 engine with twin turbochargers normally gives out 298 kilowatts of power, but push the all-important 'M' badge and it'll unlock an extra 75 kilowatts, which really can't be described.

It'll transform the M5 from a prowling lion into a snarling cheetah, and any passengers lucky enough to be along for the ride will be absolutely thrilled. It's a truly heart-racing moment when your foot goes down in 'M-Sport' mode.

A V10 engine will feel like the best purchase you ever make, and it can come around a lot faster than you might expect with a AAA Finance car loan. Get in touch today to be pre-approved and have a chat about what options are going to be the best for your needs.

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