What will a boat loan get you on the water with?

When you're in the business of cruising around the seas and want to do so with a touch of class, you'll be looking at getting one heck of a boat to make it a fabulous experience.

For many people, spending upwards of $30,000 on what's seen as a toy by many isn't ever a possibility, but could a boat loan from AAA Finance get you into your dream boat? The options below are some of the most fun, entertainment-filled and relaxing in the world - could one of them be what you're after before the summer cruises start up again?

1) Tige RZ4

Starting with one of the coolest-looking boats on the market, the Tige RZ4 is perfect for getting out on the water for a day of sporting fun. With a clean, modern design and great wakeboarding or waterskiing frame, your family will be hanging off the tow rope for hours on end!

At 7.3 metres long, the RZ4 has a great presence in the water and, of course, will look absolutely stunning on the trailer as well. The Tige manufacturers are well-known for getting a little wacky with their paint designs, so if you're after a boat with a bit more punch, both in appearance and performance, the RZ4 is the perfect option.

There's also a great interior design database to choose from, and the most impressive feature - the 6.2-litre supercharged V8 inboard engine from the Indmar Raptor series. That's a lot of power to deal with, and it'll shoot you and your loved ones around the bays and lakes in no time at all.

This is one boat for anyone looking for a real thrill ride!

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2) Regulator 32 FS

The 32 FS is Regulator Marine's top-of-the-line answer to offshore adventuring and fishing. It's jam-packed with class, and at 9.8 metres long, that's a lot of packing to do.

This boat is truly built for a purpose - and that's to haul in fish after fish after fish. Aussies love dropping a line, and the 32 FS is the perfect boat for it. A huge 610-litre insulated box will be able to house a whole school of fish from your time on the water, and if you fill it up, move onto one of the many others around the boat, including a 70-litre insulated cooler (also perfect for lunch and a few drinks along the way).

At the raised helm, you'll have plenty of space to mount any navigation panels or detectors you can think of, while having a lovely, clear view of the ocean surrounding you from the top of the boat. Comfy seats will also make cruising a pleasure, and with inward-facing bench seats at the bow, the whole family, and all of your friends, will be as relaxed as possible!

3) Morris M29

A much different boat to the others on this list, the Morris M29 is a sailboat for the long-term cruiser. This has classic styling, with modern tweaks and touches here and there, while keeping the sailing experience authentic and relaxing. Well, this is dependent on where you sail, of course!

The M29 is truly a beautiful piece of engineering.

Able to be controlled easily by a one-person crew, or seat friends and family to catch the early-morning rays without being too crowded, the M29 is truly a beautiful piece of engineering. Any sailing enthusiast will appreciate the looks of this boat, and that should be enough to take it out on the water and feel the seas moving beneath you with the tiller.

The sleek hull allows the Morris M29 to move quickly even in low winds, and the light-weight construction achieved by the engineers means it sits high on the water, making for a comfortable, fast and smooth sail, any day of the year.

4) Onslow Bay 27 Offshore Edition

The 27 Offshore Edition from Onslow Bay Boats is a fantastic fishing vessel with enough versatility to make cruising for longer periods of time a breeze as well.

A maximum engine capacity of 700 horsepower is impressive, as is the top speed - 62 nautical miles per hour! A whopping 820 litres of insulated storage will hold all the fish you can think of taking home with you, while a number of livewell spaces built with Plexiglass means live bait will stay swimming and healthy for as long as you need it to.

Onslow Bay Boats has taken the construction of the 27 Offshore Edition to another level, crafting the entire core out of foam. There's no wood, so there won't be any rot to deal with even years down the track when you've spent countless hours on the water. That's got to be welcome news for any avid fishers!

If these boats are crying out for you to get into them, or you've got a dream vessel of your own in mind, get in touch with AAA Finance to discuss your options for a boat loan!

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