Where in Sydney can you take your new boat?

If you love the idea of getting out on your own seafaring vessel and tackling the high seas every weekend, then your dream isn't as far away as you might have thought.

A boat loan from AAA Finance can put you in control of your very own piece of nautical engineering - and below are three of the best spots that you can see with your friends and family out on the water:

1) Manly Cove, Manly

Shooting across the harbour on a beautiful calm day is an absolute treat. You'll have access to all of the coves and bays that parts of the New South Wales coastline has to offer. The iconic Manly Bay is a beautiful piece of paradise that you can drop anchor at and swim to your heart's content. It'll be peaceful and a great break from the screens and sounds of the city.

You could even drop a line and catch dinner while you're at it!

2) The Big River, Northern Rivers

Clarence River is aptly named the Big River for a reason - it's enormous.

Stretching 115 kilometres from the sea to the first rapids gives the best water-skiier an opportunity to really stretch the legs. It can even be the location of a lovely river cruise, and My Boating Life Australia suggests that mulloway, bream and flathead fishing is very rewarding in the region.

3) Sydney Harbour, Sydney

While there might be many sights outside of the main part of the harbour, there are still a huge amount of places to see within the iconic body of water. Cruising beneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge or sailing beside the Sydney Opera House would be unforgettable experiences, and a reduction in commercial fishing in recent years has meant the water is as clean as can be.

This would be a great day out for visiting friends and family, or even just to escape your hectic life. AAA Finance is on hand to help you out with a boat loan today - get in touch.

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