4 Pacific destinations to steer your new boat toward

Spring's here and the sun is out.

Sure, it's not summer, but that doesn't mean you can't get a head start on all that the great ocean has to offer. Take out a boat loan, hop in a vessel and start your adventure. If you're not sure which way to steer, the boat finance gurus at AAA Finance can offer you a few suggestions.

Take a look at four amazing destinations within the Pacific:

1) Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Australia's little brother in the south is known for breathtaking scenery, blue waters and a terrific outdoor culture. Furthermore, the nation has a big love for boating and the ocean - a perfect way to get amongst other sea adventurers. Nearby to other popular coastal locations like Coromandel, Tauranga and Mount Maunganui, it also acts as a great place to start a road trip around the rest of the stunning region.

There are plenty of diving sites here like the Reef Abore, the Rite of Bayes and Jardin d'Eden in the famous Isle of Pines that will have you bewitched.

2) New Caledonia

This island is a special island territory of France, making it a great place to get a taste of authentic french culture and cuisine while still getting the blue vistas of the Pacific. While there are several top notch resorts here if you want to just soak in the sun, you will not regret taking an underwater dip. There are plenty of diving sites here like the Reef Abore, the Rite of Bayes and Jardin d'Eden in the famous Isle of Pines that will have you bewitched.

3) Tahiti

Here's another beautiful french colony (we're starting to see a pattern here) where you can put your boat finance to good use. The island of Tahiti belongs to French Polynesia, a collective of 118 islands. Paradise is the name of the game here with its white sandy beaches, lush forests and picturesque resorts almost too pretty to be real. It's no wonder that this island is a popular destination for weddings and honeymoons.

Some things like the overwater bungalows at Tahiti seem almost too good to be true.Some things, like the overwater bungalows at Tahiti, seem almost too good to be true.

4) Vanuatu

Sometimes, the best way to receive is to give. This charming island was hit in 2015 by Cyclone Pam, and could use some real help. Why not lend a hand to its friendly bunch of residents and do your part in getting this community back on its feet. You'll be surprised at just how rewarding it may be. While you're here, be sure to check out Mount Yasur, a bubbling live volcano that'll be a thrill to see in person.

Not sure why you're still reading? If you're ready to go out and hit the seas, make sure you have boat finance for your vessel and the right boat insurance to protect it.

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