Calling thrill-seekers: Let’s motorbike the Australian outback

You know, when some people hear the roar of a motorbike engine they cover their ears and complain about the deafening sound. But not you. No, all you hear is a sweet purr that makes your skin tingle for adventure. 

Speaking of adventure, what better place to explore than the great Australian Outback itself?

It's the perfect rough and tumble place for someone who is looking for a trip that is seriously off the beaten path - truly, this is not the trip for glampers. The Outback is a massive place though, so you have to know where to go and where to stay at the end of a long day of riding under the sun. Well don't worry, we've got you covered - we know exactly where to ride! Hitch that motor bike up to your car or camper trailer and let's zoom away on this trip!

Canning Stock Route

With about 1,800 kilometres of dusty road, the Canning Stock Route is the longest remote stock route in the world, and it's yours for the riding. The most amazing part about this trip is that the landscape is constantly changing as you ride farther and farther. You'll zip by beautiful open fields, shimmering lakes, remote springs, wide plateaus, waving sand dunes and massive stone walls. You're basically going to pass most geographical landscapes possible in Australia when you take this trip.

We suggest that you take a mate along for the ride as this can be a long haul. If you don't want to do bush camping, make sure you're all set up with your camper trailer before you head out!

What are you going to run into motorbiking in the Outback?What are you going to run into motorbiking in the Outback?

Cape York

This is a trail suitable for the more experienced off-road enthusiasts. The cool part about Cape York is that it leads to the northern most point of Australia. The Cape York area has tons of paths, so it might be worth joining a tour group. This way you'll be with fellow riders, you won't get lost (although sometimes that's part of the fun, isn't it) and you will have access to riding on property that you otherwise would not. 

Don't ride too fast though - the landscape is worth taking in from behind your wind visor. You'll ride over creeks, past waterfalls and lakes - you'll probably even want to pull over and jump in the cool water after a long day of riding! Don't get too far from you camper trailer though - you won't want to be caught unprepared sleeping with the crocodiles in the Top End!

Charge up hills and splash through rocky creeks - this ride will truly be unforgettable.

CREB track 

This is one of the most famous tracks for motorbikers in Australia, so it's a must-ride for you. It has tons to do and see - it's suitable for a two day ride, but you can break it up into chunks so you can see it all. Motorbikers on this path have the thrill of getting to pass the rushing waters of the Daintree River all the way to the Daintree World Heritage rainforest, one of the largest rainforests in the world. Charge up hills and splash through rocky creeks - this ride will truly be unforgettable. 

You do have to be cautions about when you go on this trip, however. Due to the rainy season the roads gets relatively unsafe, so it's closed down. Avoid the Queensland wet season and you should be good. Set up camp at the nearby campgrounds so you have a nice place to stay in between biking sessions. 

Before all the fun can begin, it'll be important that you assess your car, bike and camper trailer finances. But we get it, that probably doesn't sound as exciting as all the riding you're going to do, so we can take care of that for you! Here at Austrack Finance, we actually have fun running the numbers - trust that you're in good hands with us and give us a call to sort things out today!

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