Changes afoot for Australian car imports?

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But as the automotive manufacturing industry in Australia faces tougher times, can you still buy with certainty? Recent items in the news point to a few changes for Australia's car market that are worth looking at if you are considering purchasing such a vehicle.

Improved affordability on foreign imports

As the 2014 Productivity Commission report into the national automotive industry noted, a trio of major manufacturers - Ford, Holden and Toyota - are going to cease local production before the end of 2017. That's less than two years left of this scale of production, and in light of this, the government is looking at changes to the industry that ensure you can still purchase your desired vehicle. 

In an April 16 media release from Federal Minister for Infrastructure Jamie Briggs, it was noted that updates have been made to the ongoing review of the Motor Vehicle Standards Act (MSVA). The review is considering how to make the import of new cars more affordable, which could have significant benefits for you as a vehicle buyer. 

"Any potential changes in this area will be focused on ensuring consumers have access to the lowest cost, safest and youngest car fleet possible," the release stated. A final decision will be made later this year, but red tape and costs could be removed from the process of importation. 

Costs covered 

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The reduced costs and red tape involved with importing cars could be covered in a package with AAA Finance, and this review of the MSVA should pique the interest of many a motorist. The decline of car manufacturing does not have to mean a decline in your options when you choose new car finance

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