What could you do with a personal loan?

The start of the 2016 financial year is here, and after a potentially stressful end to last quarter, you might be thinking about treating yourself to a new toy.

A personal loan from AAA Finance will set you right there - anywhere up to $30,000 worth. That sort of loan could potentially change your lifestyle in a great way. Ever fancied a boat or a sports car? Perhaps the family might be set for a big overseas trip or the school fees need catching up with. Whatever you need the money for, our team is on hand to give you the best advice possible.

Below are three of the most fun ideas for your personal loan:

1) School holiday trip to Fiji

Fiji is a perfect place to unwind after a stressful school term, and your personal loan will get you into some pretty amazing hotels - if that's your style. The resort lifestyle for tourists to Fiji is extremely relaxing, and you can go on a fabulous cruise around some of the islands, see the natural wildlife in an eco-sanctuary or even get everyone's adrenaline rushing on the zip-line!

2) Personal boat loan

If you have ever fantasised about taking your kids out on the boat for a day, but have never owned one, then this is your chance. Fishing, swimming, waterskiing and just exploring the coastline around our beautiful country are all available to you in your very own boat.

3) Own your dream sports car

Is it a Porsche 959 S? You'll be lucky to find one of them for a reasonable price, there were only 29 produced, and that was almost 30 years ago. You can definitely set your sights on something more affordable like a V9 Subaru WRX STi. The classic version in blue with gold wheels is a timeless look, and you'll never grow tired of the amazing fun you can have behind the wheel.

Feel inspired? Get in touch with the team at AAA Finance to learn more about what you could do with your personal loan.

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