Bond on a budget: How can a car loan help you be more like 007?

For much of the movie-going public, the silver screen adventures of James Bond represent an unattainable lifestyle that's not only dangerous, but unaffordable as well. 

However, while most people will focus on the glamorous vehicles Bond drove, including an eye-watering array of Aston Martins, the spy was not above dabbling with more sensible machinery as well. After all, the quintessential Bond vehicle, the Aston Martin DB5, recently sold for almost $1.3 million at Sotheby's in the UK, well outside of the range of most new car loans

With the release of the latest film Spectre just around the corner, here are three vehicles that can provide a budget approach to the 007 lifestyle. 

1. Ford Mondeo - Bond for the whole family

The world's petrolheads were excited about the unveiling of one key vehicle in Casino Royale - the all-new Aston Martin DBS. However, although few would question its status as one of the world's most finely crafted automobiles, it did have a few minor shortcomings. 

For one, it was only a two-door, meaning family trips on holiday were out of the question, and it wouldn't be a terribly useful fleet vehicle. That's where the Ford Mondeo comes in.

Debuting early in the film, the Ford Mondeo perfectly represents James Bond's sensible side, proving you don't have to spend big to be like 007. 

2. Honda CRF250R - Jump small buildings like 007

What if you want the James Bond lifestyle but need to get off road every now and again? With a quick and easy motorcycle loan, you can take the 007 lifestyle out into the wilderness at any time. 

The opening of Skyfall proved just how exciting these machines can be, with Bond expertly manoeuvring his motorcycle across rooftops and through the narrow streets of Istanbul. 

It wasn't all fancy computer animation either. Check out Honda's footage below to see how the real motorcycle was used during filming. 

3. Spirit Marine Wet Bike - A jet ski prototype

Jet skis didn't exist for 1977's The Spy Who Loved Me, so naturally, 007 had to improvise. The Spirit Marine Wet Bike was essentially a precursor to the jet skis Australians know and love, safely carrying Bond to Karl Stromberg's aquatic lair. 

For families looking enjoy the beach in the way Bond himself would approve, jet ski finance can make the process as simple as possible. 

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