Find out who you are with a motorcycle loan

Getting a personal motorcycle loan is about much more than just securing the funds for a new vehicle, it's about finding out who you really are. 

Motorbikes have always carried the ability to make a statement, in some cases much more than cars. Maybe it's because there's less of them on the road, or maybe it's because of films like Easy Rider. Either way, there are a number of ways to find out who you really are when you're gripping the handles of a motorcycle. 

1. The adventurer 

Do you like the serenity of nature and the smell of oil? A dirt bike is definitely the best option, allowing you to explore the wilderness without having to sacrifice the convenience of technology. 

Dirt bikes have also become the vehicle of choice for extreme sports athletes, with race events and freestyle motocross trick competitions providing a creative outlet for the world's adrenaline junkies. We would consider getting motorcycle insurance as well if this is the route you're taking. 

For the more mild-mannered types, dirt bikes even offer the potential for a lifestyle change. They're indispensable on the farm, so if you're looking to move to the country this could be your transport of choice. 

2. The outlaw

It's hard to not single out one manufacturer when talking about outlaws, but no vehicle is as much of an icon as the fabled Harley Davidson. Its stature as one of the world's greatest creations is cemented by the fact that it's possible to recognise one without laying eyes on it. That distinctive exhaust note can be heard from miles away. 

However, you don't have to be a bearded Iron Maiden enthusiast to make full use of one, as pop culture is littered with examples of Harley Davidson riders from all walks of life.

The effortless cool of Peter Fonda in easy Rider and the dad jokes of Tim Allen in Wild Hogs proved that a Harley can be for everyone. 

3. The speed demon

What if you don't have time for the outdoors or the desire to strut your stuff on the back of a Harley? For the resolutely practical there are a number of sport bikes to get you from A to B in the nick of time. 

While the leather outfits may be constraining, the speeds certainly aren't, with these bikes just as capable on road and track. Some of the leading manufacturers in this category boast considerable motor racing history, with Honda, Ducati and Aprilia  just some of the manufacturers bringing this heritage to the streets. 

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