What are the best dirt bike locations in Australia?

Australia's diverse landscape caters to all manner of wilderness enthusiasts. Whether you want to take a scenic walk through the bush or blast across open terrain in an off-road vehicle, there's a location that suits your needs.

If you've used your recent motorcycle finance to purchase a dirt bike, you're no doubt itching to get out and put both yourself and your machine to the test with what our country has to offer. Here are three of the best locations we could find. 

Dirt Rider Heaven - WA

Before you brave some of Australia's more advanced trails, you need to learn how to handle your bike. Dirt Rider Heaven delivers on its name in spades, with tracks and trails to accommodate both fresh faces and seasoned professionals. 

If you've used your motorcycle finance to get the kids involved as well, Dirt Rider Heaven is the perfect place to get them acquainted with their new toys. The site boasts six different riding areas across a massive 150 acres of land in Mogumber - not too far out of Perth. 

It's not just for beginners either. Dirt Rider Heaven proudly advertises the fact that its more experienced tracks are filled with jumps, so you're free to go soaring through the air on your bike.

Barakula State Forest - Queensland

Now that you've mastered your new dirt bike at a track, it's time to take it to another level and discover your sense of adventure. There are many national parks through Queensland and the rest of Australia that allow riders to bring their bikes and explore, but make sure you check online first to see what's permitted. 

Barakula State Forest in Queensland - just north west of Brisbane - is the Southern Hemisphere's largest state forest, and it's completely open to riders who would rather not explore a national landmark on foot. 

The Queensland government also notes there are some great fishing spots nestled in the woods, so feel free to load up your bike and have a weekend of adventure in the forest. 

Lochmaree - NSW

Sporting the best of both worlds, Lochmaree is nestled in NSW's famous Blue Mountains, giving riders the chance to ride on track or trail through some of the country's most picturesque scenery. 

If you thought the 150 acres at Dirt Rider Heaven was enough to keep you entertained, you could spend the rest of your life riding around Lochmaree. The site has roughly 2300 acres of pre-marked enduro trails for the country's expert riders. 

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