Preparing Your Vehicle and Trailer for Your Trip

Planning a camping trip is exciting but you don’t want to have it upset due to your vehicle or trailer not performing like you need it to. Take the time to get them ready for the trip though and you can greatly reduce any potential problems. Make sure your car has a full tank of gas to get started. If you are traveling a long distance fill it up again as needed. Try to keep a full tank for when you get to the camping area.

Look over the engine to make sure you have enough fluids. Check the oil, transmission fluid, water, and coolant. You also want to check all of the hoses. If you see signs of wear you should replacement. If one breaks on your trip then it could be a huge effort to get one. Check over all of the belts too.

The tyre pressure of the vehicle is very important. You will use less fuel when you have the right amount of pressure in them. Use a tyre gauge to measure each of them. The amount to put in will be on the side of the tyres. Check all of the lights and turn signals on the vehicle to make sure that they work well.

Since you will be towing a camper trailer you may need to adjust your mirrors a bit. This will make it easier to park and to back up. You need to make sure everything is secure inside of the caravan. This includes drawers and the refrigerator. Windows should also be closed.

Check the brakes, wheel bearings, wheel nuts, and all of the lights. Make sure you securely attach the trailer to the vehicle you are towing it with. The tyres on the trailer need to be check as well. You should have a spare tyre for both the vehicle and the trailer in case you need one.

Bring along some blocks of wood to help level the trailer too at your camp site. You never know when it could be offset. Plus, you want to have the tires chocked so that they won’t go anywhere when you have the trail at the determined spot.

If you are planning on bringing an offroad camper trailer make sure you pack plenty of extra spares including tyres, even more than on a regular trip since you will likely be far from aid and any chance of finding a spare part locally.

Never allow anyone to ride in the trailer on the way to the camping location. It may seem like fun to them but it is dangerous. All passengers need to be in the vehicle with their seatbelts on.

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